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How to Feed Goldfish

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Feed Goldfish

Funny how the simplest procedure - feeding your fish - can be so easily botched. For proper feeding, consider the following.



Things You'll Need

  • Aquarium Fish Nets
  • Goldfish Food Packages
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Weekend/holiday Fish Food
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      Purchase the right kind of food for your fish. Goldfish need protein and a wide range of vitamins and carbohydrates, so choose a nutrient-rich food specifically for goldfish. Use either flake-form or floating pellets. Ask at the aquarium store for food recommendations for the specific type of goldfish you own.

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      Consider occasionally offering snacks, such as leafy vegetables (lettuce and spinach) or live food (brine shrimp and mosquito larvae), for variety.

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      Feed your fish once a day by adding one small pinch of food to the tank at a time. In general, provide as much food as the fish will consume in 2 minutes. (Vary this accordingly for larger fish.) Remember to offer just a tiny amount in each pinch.

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      Remove excess food with a net after the feeding session, to avoid polluting the water.

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      Consider using a feeding ring, which attaches to the side of the tank and allows better control, thus reducing the risk of overfeeding your fish.

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