Friday, April 22, 2011

New Democrats: putting consumers first in the digital economy

I have heard from thousands of Canadians who tell me that internet
access and cell phone affordability are critical issues for them. Please
know that New Democrats recognize the importance of these issues in
today's rapidly changing society.

The following are highlights from our 2011 election plan:

- We will prohibit all forms of usage-based billing (UBB) by Internet
Service Providers (ISPs);
- We will unlock cells phones, allowing consumers to change providers
without changing phones; 
- We will rescind the 2006 Conservative industry-oriented directive to
the CRTC and direct the regulator to stand up for the public interest,
not just the major telecommunications companies;
- We will enshrine "net neutrality" in law, end price gouging and "net
throttling," with clear rules for Internet Service Providers (ISPs),
enforced by the CRTC; and,
- We will apply the proceeds from the advanced wireless spectrum auction
to ensure all Canadians, no matter where they live, will have quality
high-speed broadband internet access.

For more details, I invite you to visit these links:

I am also pleased to let you know that we have released our 2011
election platform. A copy of it with its full costing document can be
found here:

Now you know where I stand. After May 2, I will deliver for you. And, I
won't stop until the job's done.

All the best,

Jack Layton and Canada's NDP / Jack Layton et le NPD du Canada
Canadian Leadership / Travaillons ensemble /

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