Sunday, April 10, 2011

The May 2nd, 2011 federal election - Canada

Mintzberg thinks that our best chance at saving health care and the CBC as well as several other important 'Canadian' institutions is to vote for the non-conservative candidate in your riding that has the best chance of winning. Effectively, forcing a coalition government. 

Reframing this Election

I have prepared this page because I believe the Canada we know is at risk. Please feel free to circulate it and replicate it on other websites, etc. By the way, I have never been a member of any political party in Canada, although one once listed me mistakenly.

  1. This election is theatre: ignore the campaigns and the promises (which are just attempts to bribe us with our own money.) What matters is what the people who are elected can and will do. And that is best judged by what they have done.

  2. What the Conservatives have done suggests that, with a majority, our most cherished institutions―Medicare [PDF], the CBC [PDF], others―will be threatened. As a prominent minister was overheard just after the 2006 election: "If we get a majority, they won't recognize this country."

  3. Do not necessarily vote Liberal. Or NDP. Or Bloc. Or Green. Or Independent. If the majority of voters split their votes again, the Conservatives will go forward again. So please drop your party preference: this election is about the future of Canada. If you cherish what this country is, vote for whichever candidate in your riding has the greatest chance of beating the Conservative―in other words, the one who is ahead of these others.1 Consult the latest poll in your riding, or else see the resultslast time [PDF]. (See also for information on this.)

  4. If enough people do this, we will likely end up with a coalition government, which could well be the best solution. (Recall that cooperation of the NDP with the Liberals gave us Medicare fifty years ago.) This election has to be about the country, not about its personalities. In fact, such a coalition may well prefer as prime minister someone who is not now the leader of any of the parties.

1. By the way, a vote for the Bloc can serve Canada, because nothing will rekindle independentist sentiment in Quebec faster than a federal government on the far right, and especially one that allows the provinces to emasculate Medicare.

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