Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Netflix and Canada

Scorsese movies on Netflix
At the moment there are only four of Scorsese's movies available on Netflix. I just enjoyed Taxi Driver with my wife last night which she also enjoyed. It's amazing to see Keitel and Deniro as such young men!

I'm still subscribing to Netflix for $7.99 a month because it's worth it to keep the comedy flowing as well as the kids shows. We love watching Waiting for God http://bit.ly/fKFwqXand I occasionally get the chance to indulge my love for Tom Baker as Doctor Whohttp://bit.ly/gn5w2G , while the kids can't stop watching the Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection http://bit.ly/fDvTQU and my wife is a big Steven Seagalhttp://bit.ly/gONqrh fan not to mention a huge fight movie fan. All this for 8 bucks!

If I had a third iPad just for the kids I'd cancel the f$€@ing cable and tell those greedy bastards at Shaw to shove it.

They do also have a very rich expanding selection of movies that are considered quirky or foreign. No I'm not talking about Quebecois movies (believe it or not this one Ottawa video rental place classified them as foreign!) but lovely little titles like:

Diary of a Nymphomaniac http://bit.ly/hwaMaP

It's not easy to find big names like the top 50 on the IMDB but these others that are available are much more valuable in a way.

The only thing Netflix is in want of, is a decent way to queue the shows or movies. It's such a pain to load up the list of 124 Pink Panther episodes every 5 minutes (that's the length of a typical episode) that I'm tempted to just not bother. 

I guess i should mention that I'm talking about the Canadian Netflix here as I have no choice but to put up with the way we always get left out in the dark on everything from iTunes to Hulu.

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