Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to read an ebook from the library on the iPad

The number next to the calendar icon (above) indicates the number of days you have left to read the book.

1. Download the 'Overdrive' app from the AppStore. Overdrive now has Native iPad support which makes the reading much more visually pleasurable.
2. Make sure you know how to login to your library website.
3. Launch the Overdrive app and it will take you to an Adobe website to register for an Overdrive account.
4. In Overdrive add your library website address. First, tap the 'get ebooks' button then tap the 'add a library' button and enter your library's website address. Edmonton Public Library uses ''.
5. Add some books to your eHolds and wait for something to come free!

The first thing that might come to mind when thinking of borrowing an eBook from the library is;

                 Hey! No more Waiting! Just download the book and read it!

NOT! Sorry, not going to happen. Libraries have to pay for each copy of the ebook they will loan at one time. So, you still need to wait your turn to read a book. Notice that in the image below I'm patron 39 of 39 in line to read John Grisham's bestseller the confession. Luckily the library has 10 eCopies of the Confession so I only need to wait for 3.9 patrons to read it before it's my time.

In your Overdrive account you can choose the default lending period for your books (please choose 7 days so I can get my copy faster!). You can change the lending period at anytime as well as at the actual time of borrowing.

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