Wednesday, February 02, 2011

How to make $100 with Google Adsense

I got a cheque from Google for 100 dollars in the mail this morning! Here is how you can win your 100 bucks.

1. Start a blog
2. Open a Google Adsense account and install banners in your blog
3. Make an average of 3 posts a week for five and a half years about your family, the news and techy stuff
4. Read other peoples blogs and make sporadic comments from time to time
5. Do absolutely nothing with your blog for the final 2 years (this means you need to make about 6 posts a week for the first 2.5 years)
6. Walk to the bank to cash your cheque only 5.5 years later (results may differ)

All jesting aside, I'm pretty happy to add 100 dollars to my account just before Valentine's day. In the first year I worked pretty hard on my blog in hopes of making some coin but it never seemed to make much difference, but I was making about $1 to 95 cents a day at one time.

The best way to go is to blog for the sake of blogging, then you can't go wrong. I'm getting back into things now because I now have the technology that allows me to take a spare 5 minutes to read or post something.

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