Sunday, February 27, 2011

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - Project Gutenberg

There are a number of good book applications available on the AppStore for iPads (I'm actually more prone to say 'in' here but I've always heard 'on' and it sounds better to me now).

iBooks - this looks good and has a pretty snazzy graphic that makes the iBookstore look like a hidden compartment in your iBooks reader, but the prices of the books available are almost always 50 to 100% more than in the next 3 applications. Availability is also an issue, most of the books I've wanted to buy aren't even available. Their free preview is decent! I read the first 3 chapters of a book in their preview and I just had to buy it!

Kobo - best prices for the most part and they are always offering sales on selected items or promo codes for a limited Number of books at 20 or 30% off. The interface is not bad and the reader syncs across platforms so you can read on your iPad and then pick up where you left off on your PC. Sometimes the free preview is basically just the cover and a table of contents!

Kindle - (yes that's right, a kindle app for your iPhone or iPad) I haven't really tried reading anything on it yet as Kobo always has a better price ... But I did read a bit on it and the interface isn't terrible.

Stanza - this one is simply a must, get this one! Once you download it you can surf to the website and download ePub versions of Gutenberg's free texts directly to your iPad! You can even choose your own book cover. But, it's a good idea to save up the links to your favourite books in case you decide to reformat your iPad as Stanza has no server to save your data.

And finally

Free books - (yes, it's an application) this automatically gives you access to great works (from Gutenberg), which is handy if you don't want to go searching ... It just dishes the titles out to you. The interface is too basic, there is no way to select text, no search and no native dictionary.

Which one should you get?

Well, all of them, of course. They are all free. And they all have there uses.

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