Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm home -- culture shock

I've been busy. That's why I haven't posted much in a while. We moved back home. My whole family.

I just wanted to say thanks to that woman at the superstore last weekend. I saw you returning your shopping cart to the stall. I offered you a Loonie ($1 Canadian) because I'm aware that you generally need to put a Loonie into the carts as a deposit in order to unlock it.

You knew that I wouldn't be able to get a Loonie back when I was finished shopping but you took my Loonie anyway! You didn't put a Loonie into your cart, you either found the cart or you figured out a way around putting a Loonie into it. You knew that I was expecting to get a Loonie back, but you didn't think twice about taking my Loonie.

You are a nasty and selfish. But thanks for ripping me off, because I am now aware that I am in my home and back in the land of the common everyday thief. I'm not saying that there are no thieves in Korea, but in the five years that I lived there, I never got ripped-off once.

Sure, I could have been more wary, I could have taken a peak at the cart instead of trusting you, normally you can see the Loonie's edge sticking out of the slot, but I had just returned from the land of the morning calm and five years of not needing to look out for petty thieves.

Watch out -- the me that trusts no-one without good reason is back.

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