Saturday, January 03, 2009

Save Google Notebook! -- Best tools of 2008 p.2

Google Notebook, sometimes known as gNotebook is the ultimate in bookmarking and research.

gNotebook In Peril -- If you haven't tried it out yet, you should do so quickly as it may be in danger of being 'starved' or altogether phased out by Google due to a lack of popularity/income stream.

I use it all of the time. I keep a list of torrents I've collected over the past few months. gNotebook automatically saves any text or images that you highlight as well as the link to that page so you can remember week to week if you've downloaded Season 3 episode 14 of Prison Break already or if you're still on episode 12.

I've also found it to be useful as a sort of blackboard for my classes in the computer lab. Switching between the Notebook window and the webpage or software resource I was using for my lesson. It was much more natural than walking over to the whiteboard, turning on the lights, and . . . etc.

Using the notebook bookmarklet gives you a versatile pop-up box that I've successfully used for easy one click access (useful in all major browsers, Firefox users have an excellent add-on they can use). Naturally, this allowed me to keep track of how far in any given topic I had gone with each of my 20 classes and allowed for a good template once I got rolling in the subject not to mention a sometimes entertaining (for me) kind of rolling self-commentary.

Gnotebook is also searchable, of course, so you don't need to spend much time deciding how to organize your notes, so long as you add a comment or label that you will remember for a search term.

Other great uses for gNotebook -- I made up a wishlist in July just before we went on a trip to Canada so I could organize diverse topics by person centering on what we might do in Canada for a one month trip, things we might buy and now I'm using it to keep track of videos I find for the kids and shopping I'd like to do right now. Since then I've been adding things to it from time to time. My wife can edit this notebook as well and so can our daughters (once they learn how to type).

I've also experimented with great success by emailing books to myself and noting them in gNotebook. Not only does it open the relevent email quickly and easily right from the Notebook page but also I can skip the email itself and launch the attachment from an email with one click. I usually save a few words from the most recent paragraph that I've read into the comment for that particular ebook's link so I can get right back into the book without having to dog-ear it!

Here is a link to my google notebook notebook with relevant links about what others have to say about gNotebook.

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