Sunday, January 11, 2009

Google Reader -- Best tools of 2008 p.3

Google Reader is an RSS reader or feed reader (also know as a feed aggregator). 

Replaces repeated searching

It lets you keep track of all of your favourite websites without having to bookmark anything! For example click on my feed and you should get a page that allows you to subscribe to this blog with a choice of a range of feed readers including the number one in the present market namely google's reader. No need to bookmark, search or anything like that . . . Just login to your reader and everything comes to you when it's updated. 

Share your picks of the best on the net

In your google reader you can publicly share items as you browse. You can share with friends on google or with the general public. It's very easy to label items, star, or share them quickly.

Replaces email reminders (saves you the clutter in your inbox)

Instead of getting reminders sent to me by flickr or my blog whenever somebody makes a comment or adds a tag I just subscribed to the feed and it's all sweet.

If you've never tried it, get started by following my shared items. I generally share things I've read about the web, technology, science, health, politics and a few other categories. Naturally, I don't share that much because I want to use this feed as a bookmark of the best of the best.

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