Saturday, January 10, 2009

About me -- coming out of the closet -- so to speak

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Yes, I do feel a bit solipsistic writing about myself in this way but google seems to be in some sort of quagmire at the moment and to keep my brain from freezing up at the shock I'd better write something now.

Sources of my brain freeze:
the shared stuff from people I know page shows nothing shared
the top shared stuff for all google users page shows nothing also
my shared stuff page does work, but I wonder how long this will continue
blogger profile is very distinct from google profile with no integration
google profile doesn't integrate with flickr sets properly
youtube's  private video sharing says I have no contacts when clearly I have about 340+ contacts

I've always tried to keep my name and email address out of this blog, but recently I'm feeling that instead I should publish my name and come out of the closet. My recent penchant for openness could partly be caused by my getting sick to death of Korea and hoping to get fired (I imagine that my post about the Pope might land me in hot water), or it could be that I'm excited about the whole idea of integrating everything I do on the web! I don't think I'm extremely excited about the possiblility of making money from this blog, as I've been blogging for close to 5 years now and I have less than $80 in my adsense account . . . At this rate I'll get that $100 cheque cut by google 12 months from now -- whooohoooo!

No, I'm not concerned about money or fame or fortune. I just love playing around with computers and seeing what can happen when I tinker. Lord knows, I've suffered a lot at the hand of technology. My wife and I are getting along fabulously nowadays but we used to fight endlessly about things like my old emails, my old photos and my old blog posts all of which would be impossible to find were Google not so gosh darn good at finding and storing stuff. I just had to have a gmail account with heaps of 4 year old emails and a blog with similar heaps of 4 year old blogposts not to mention flickr with more than 5000 photos of a similar age.

Hmmm . . . I've had two beers and it's 4am. Not sure if I can really get at what I want to say right now.

Oh, yeah . . . I want to declare my authorship officially for this blog. I'm Shawn Monaghan and this is my blog. My permanent home on the web is , which I registered through google's google apps for your domain (only $10 and it looks like I have about 10 GB of online storage space not to mention some decent services like my own mail server with upto 200 real email addresses and even more aliases possible). The only problem with this, is that my webpage is tied (not permanently though) to Google Apps which doesn't have all of the regular google services. I thought I could forego my present google account and just migrate everything important to google apps but google apps doesn't support Google Notebook , Google Reader or Google's share stuff !!!! I honestly couldn't survive without the first two of these.

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