Monday, December 01, 2008

DD update

I'm trying to catch up with photos and videos still! Uploading is one problem . . . Organizing becomes the second problem. I have about 1000 photos on flickr that aren't labelled at all or are simply labelled for the location!

Anyway, in looking at our photos I'm surprised at how much our kids are growing and how quickly. Gabi for one took less than a week to get over her bottle (she doesn't even drink milk anymore unless it's hot cocoa) and yet she still hasn't really gotten over it, because at night when we finish reading a book or two and we say our goodnights Gabi always says "goodnight DD" after she has said goodnight to everybody else.

"goodnight mama, goodnight papa, goodnight Abigail".

moment of silence

"Goodnight DD"!

I should explain at this point that 'DD' is Filipino for bottle or milk or breast. So, our big girl has forsaken milk so that she would fit in better at her school (stop crying at nap time) and yet she thinks about her dd every night! Naturally, she feels a certain amount of jealousy because her young sister is still enjoying the closeness of breastmilk. They are both jealous of mom and dad when we kiss or hug -- but Gabi is by far the most jealous.

She seems to be a bit better now but she used to really get upset for a long time when her mom left the house without her . . . Abigail was much more willing to let me cajole her into some fun. But sometimes Gabi would have an absolutely one track mind and would spend 10 or 15 minutes just crying and hoping mom would come back.

In the video below you can see Gabi isn't happy about mom having left . . . Ma just went to pick something up at a friends house and was back in 30 minutes but Gabi spent much of that time being upset:

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