Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning -- a video of the kids opening gifts

I doubt if mom and dad will be checking their emails before they go off to the usual relative's for Christmas day but in case they do . . .

Okay, the video upload is complete but it doesn't show up in my video list yet so first of all here is a link to the pictures (will post the video by 8:30am MST if available otherwise you'll have to wait another 8 hours until I get out of bed):

Here is a video of the kids opening their gifts. Thanks for the gifts, by the way!!!!
Below the video is a photo taken on Christmas day of Abi and Gabi with one of the more popular gifts and also a link to all the xmas day photos.

This is the best picture of the day IMHO:
Gabi is sad because she wants to play with Abi's christmas gift

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