Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rosie on her first bumper car

This video is from quite a while ago . . . When we went to the Folk Village in YongIn city in Korean it is known as the Hanguk MinSok Chon ( funny looking Korean letters . . . 한국민속촌 )

Finding the location in Naver maps (probably Koreas most popular online mapping service) is easy, you can just click the following link:

Alternatively, you can click on the following link, which gives you a pretty detailed map of my town of residence:

Then you have to paste in the following Korea text:


If this text looks like a bunch of gibberish (stars and funny characters and accents) then your computer doesn't have Korean fonts installed. You can just chose link option 1 above or you can surf for Korean websites . . . If you keep on searching for and bringing up Korean sites you should eventually get a pop-up window suggesting the installation of Korean fonts. Stick to official city names in Korea and you won't have any troubles. Then your computer will recognize Korean text.

Anyway, the video above is Rosie's first experience in a bumper car. That's why I put it on here because I figure it's something special that she finally got to ride in one. I've been in dozens of bumper cars so I won't bother posting my video. We both felt kind of bad for our short daughters as they weren't tall enough to ride with us. Charlize was pretty upset about it actually but she got over it eventually.

I don't think I'm meant to go to amusement parks anymore. I went on what seemed to be a pretty innocuous ride but I was close to hurling only half-way through!

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