Tuesday, November 25, 2008

quick update

It's past my bedtime so I'll be brief. Charlize is now peeing standing up at school quite regularly . . . Naturally they let us know about this as it usually results in her pants getting quite wet. I guess we have to try and explain to her that she cannot go pee like her opa (older male classmates).

Abigail is blooming and naturally wants to do everything she sees us and her sister do. At night we brush our teeth as we go to bed and so Rosie gave her a toothbrush because she clearly wanted to join in the brushing fun.

Unfortunately, she doesn't want to stop brushing when we are all finished and she wants to bring the toothbrush into bed and every which way . . . She cries quite strongly when we take her brush away too. So, I figured we'd just better not giver her a toothbrush for now. It seems to work. She isn't too happy about being deprived but it is nothing compared to how unhappy she is if she has it removed when she is prepared to brush all night!

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