Monday, October 27, 2008

Yawcam -- Free motion detection software or Yet Another Webcam is an adequate and free software program for your motion detection needs. The interface isn't the most straightforward but it isn't bad. One can also readily put together a sort of stop motion video based on the photos saved during motion detection mode (if you chose to save them).

It works just fine. I really have no need for a motion sensor, but I recall a time back in Edmonton when I really wished I had one so I could make sure my landlord wasn't invading my privacy! As I recall my landlord was a real 'C'-word. She was very strict about all of the regulations except for the ones that she perceived as a hindrance to her rental income. Her big problem was one of notice. She refused to give more than 10 minutes notice when she was showing the apartment, even though she was given more than a month to replace my tenancy.

'Stealth' mode, which is supposed to be virtually undetectable (meaning that you can spy on anybody without them being the wiser) worked just fine on my Vista machine except that coming out of the mode required a restart of the computer. According to the manual you should be able to merely run the program again and it would come out of stealth mode, but this didn't work on my machine.

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