Sunday, October 05, 2008

those %$#& Catholics don't want to baptize my daughter

Yes, we went through this with Gabi about a year ago too. The priest asked to see my baptismal certificate and also wanted to see our church marriage certificate. When we explained that for various reasons the one was unavailable and the other was not possible, the priest said he couldn't baptize my daughter! Well, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised but the Korean catholic priest says the same thing!

Of course Catholic priests are plentiful in the Philippines so we were able to find a priest that didn't mind that we were lacking a few catholic documents. In Korea, we don't know any other priests. I guess Abigail won't be getting baptized. No big loss, but it makes my wife upset.

Maybe I should baptize her . . .

Ever wonder why the Catholic church is dying out?  Hmmm . . .

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