Tuesday, September 30, 2008

self-study this week -- yippee -- NOT

Is 'self-study' a real word? I've kind of lost touch with English because I don't interact with native speakers everyday. I'm too busy to get out and meet with the other native English speakers because of my daughters and wife. Last night we went to bed at 9pm if you can believe it . . . I sure can't.

We started watching that Pixar movie produced by Disney Wall-E at 7 and then we went to bed. We all fell asleep and then I awoke at 5 the next morning. As I'm sure I mentioned before, I normally awake at 5am these days -- if I don't, I never get anything done.

Wall-E was a really good movie. We all enjoyed it. It lost Gabi's attention part way through but she got back into it quickly enough.

My high school is doing self-study this week . . . You'd think that this would translate into less stress for me, but it doesn't -- they always wind up wrestling and shouting at each other, by the end of a self-study day my nerves are always frayed because I can't get them to quiet down. I only let them do self-study because their teachers come around and request it.

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