Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy B-day Ma

I always thought that it was a bit strange when couples called each other 'ma' and 'pa'. But, it's clearly an important thing to be doing when you have young kids. A few months ago Gabi was calling me by my first name, especially when she was unhappy. I remember once I was going to the store to get some bread so we could eat garlic toast with our spaghetti and Gabi wasn't so happy about staying behind. She went to the balcony window and saw me stopping and talking to a neighbour and she was shouting, "S! Why?!"She was crying and repeating her earlier question "S! Why?!", for pretty much the whole time I was gone.

Nowadays she shouts "Daddy! Why?!" And that's much better. But usually I bring her with me now, even if I have a quick errand to run nearby as she can walk much faster than she used to. We had a nice birthday party for Ma yesterday. We went for dinner at her favourite restaurant and she got her favourite flowers -- Roses.

I must say, things are going very well these days. Sure we have the normal problems, but everything is sweet. The washing machine seems to have stopped working. It does the first agitating cycle of about 20 minutes but when it comes time to spin it just stops and doesn't do squat. We don't have much money, for the last two months we have been down to almost nil when my paycheque finally arrived. But we are much happier as a family, so I won't complain. I just started teaching early morning classes again last week which should bring in enough extra cash to keep things from getting critical at the end of the month.

Gabi finally had a day at school when she didn't erupt into crying in the afternoon. She always cries in the morning when Ma or I drop her off, because, as she puts it, "Scared". But until yesterday she would usually cry around noon or after her afternoon nap and then the teacher would call Ma to come and pick her up and calm her down -- until yesterday.

As we were hunting around Homever yesterday, just before we went to the restaurant, Gabi was doing her usual thing. She was runnning around giving her Pa a headache trying to keep an eye on her. She was looking at a bowl and then she dropped it. It broke. Avoiding the temptation to just leave it there and hope nobody noticed I picked up the two broken pieces and was determined to pay for it, but a Homever employee passed us in the aisles and took them from me saying that I shouldn't worry about it.

We are still trying to find a likely place to buy a push toy for Abi's birthday. This will be the present that Nana and grandpa give her once we find the darn thing. Homever has none! E-mart as I recall has only a limited selection. I guess I had better ask some of my colleagues if they can help me out. We had the same problem with a tricycle for Gabi. We couldn't find anything in the local stores and so we had to order it on the internet. I hope we can find a store this time around, as I always need somebody to help me make my purchases on Korean websites.

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