Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Watching TV on your computer -- like me?

Check out Invision.TV beta

This site seems to be a bit buggy at first try (thus the 'beta' no doubt), but I just had a successful couch session today watching a clip from CNN with Michael Moore's interview on Larry King Live. He conducts the entire interview from a bowling alley (this will load the Invision Tv website which appears bug free at the moment)!

One suggestion I'd make to them folk at Invision.TV is that they should make it easier to share videos! I had to email the above link to myself just so I could put it up on here.

When it works, it's very fast and makes for a very nice interface.

What's the point? This way you don't need to go to CNN and Youtube and Hulu and etc., just go to one site and browse or search keywords about current events . . . Sadly, the interface doesn't mask my IP address so I still cannot view content that isn't authorized for viewing outside of the U.S. (i.e. Prison Break, etc.).

Works in my Google Chrome now. Looks like the folks at Google have been busy. My flash videos were stalling as recently as yesterday and now they are sweet.

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