Saturday, September 13, 2008

One more picture post

11 months is a pretty special time and this is probably the last time I will have a child that's 11 months so I'll indulge myself with one more post of my daughters.

This type of photo is called a 'burst' in my Cybershot (Sony camera) manual. It's intended as a tool to check your form in sports and whatnot but I thought it might be a good idea just to see if it's possible to get a good photo of my daughters in their 'blurry' phases. As you might have gathered from browsing my pics, I tend to have a few photos that are either the same composition or almost the same composition -- what I've been trying to do is get the best picture, the one that focuses on the subject's eyes and is not blurry. I don't think I'll get many that are properly focused for at least a few more years now that our daughters are so mobile . . .


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