Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My blog is NOT SPAM -- thank you very much

One of my subscriptions for my newsreader (I use google reader, natch) is consumerist.com, lucky thing that, as I was able to find the numbers for some blogger execs. As a matter of fact I was all set to Skype these folk tomorrow in hopes of getting this blog back.

Consumerist.com: Reach Blogger Executive Costomer Service

The Blogger free blogging system is owned by Google and they usually like their customers to talk to robots, but if you have an extreme issue, like all of a sudden your blogs were deleted (this has happened to at least a couple Consumerist readers), here are some executive honchos you can talk to get you fixed up:

Salar Kamangar, VP Blogger Product Management

Urs Hoelzle 
Google Inc 
2400 Bayshore Pkwy 
Mountain View, CA 94043

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