Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Chuseok

I was thinking it might be nice to make one last visit to the beach today (well in the morning).

The Chuseok holiday involves a great deal of traveling for Koreans. They need to go to the gravesite of their ancestors (usually somewhere in the country on a hill (Korean mountain) Koreans don't really have western style cemeteries), then they have to go to their parents place, from what I understand the norm is to go the the mother's parents place in the morning of Chuseok and then spend the rest of the day at the father's parents place, if the father's ancestors are buried nearby they will also go to the gravesite and do a ceremony involving the offering of non-salty food to the father's ancestors (dead people don't like salty food apparently) . As a result the roads are usually packed!

If the roads look pretty clear in the morning we will probably go to the beach one last time before the autumn weather takes over.

Right now it's about 1am. I'm up writing because this is the only time I have free and clear for such activities. At 8 we we're finished most of the cleaning up and we start the process of putting the kids to sleep. Putting the kids to bed can be rather tiring and it involves spending at least 1 hour in a dark, quiet, cozy room. Usually, I fall asleep along with them. If I'm lucky I wake up 3 to 4 hours later so I can get some work and/or reading done. This sure beats the routine we had before we went to Canada. Normally, that seemed to entail me falling asleep long before the kids and becoming repeatedly awoken by one or the other daughter jumping up and down on my stomach.

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