Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm scared of school

On Monday, I took Gabi to school at the usual time -- 9am. On the way there she showed me just how far she has come in the past two and a half years. For one thing she has begun to articulate things!

As she was getting dressed for school she said: "Scared of school because miss mama and papa". Indeed she is scared as I noticed when we exited the elevator and she grabbed my legs with her iron grip. I had to carry her to the school.

When we got there, she took one look at the teacher and she was out the door and running! The kindy teacher caught her and hugged her back into the school but I couldn't help feeling a real gut-wrench as she called out to me. I stuck around out of sight for a while and heard quite distinctly that she didn't carry-on crying for very long.

Boy am I glad she can articulate herself so well, if I hadn't just heard her say the reason she was scared of school I would have brought her back home with me.

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