Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm back!

Pheww! It's a relief to be back here again.

 Well, the folks at google have been busy releasing their new browser Google Chrome,(very cool, but full of bugs for the moment) and bringing out numerous other initiatives including the archiving of back issues of major newspapers. Here is the Pittsburg Post-Gazette's moon landing issue for example (the whole day's paper (July 21st, 1969) in google news). And, yes, I have always wanted to read the newspaper on my computer . . . really!

Things they weren't doing at google included unlocking my blog (until today). It's only been two weeks, now that I look back at it, and yet it seems much longer as this is the place where I put so many of my musings about my family, about the net, new things I'm interested in and it's also where I keep updates about family news and my worries and concerns not to mention tribulations.

Okay, now I'm back and I promise to post regularly -- I've been missing this place.

As for Google . . . Well, I'm more than a little annoyed that a "three business day" spam-review took two weeks. I'm also annoyed that they put some stupid software program (a spambot) in charge of deciding if my blog is spam or not. Finally, I'm pretty fagged about the idea that there was no clear channel to get somebody's ear on the blogger team. Cripes, I went to every newsgroup I could find and every help page I could muster. I must have sent those blogger folks at least two dozen requests for service. To my credit I made these requests only after my first week of being locked out -- I noticed in some of the google help groups that some folks had already made 40 requests to be unlocked within an hour of being locked out of their blog!

But, I'm happy that I have my blog back, so thank you blogger folk!

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