Wednesday, September 10, 2008

baby update

Hmmm, it's hard to look back and recall the things I wanted to post . . .

Let's see. Abigail had begun saying "uh oh" on occasion in very appropriate circumstances but since seems to have stopped. One morning upon awakening all by herself in the bedroom she uttered the cutest 'uh oh' anybody ever heard and also more recently when she stepped on her mom's hair, immediately after Rosie's cry of startled pain Abigail came out with another utterance of 'uh oh'.

But as I said she has since stopped saying this and now only regularly says mama.

Gabi is consistently greeting me with a smile and a book in the mornings. We then read book after book until she either goes back to bed or I head off to work. I think our record was four books in a row. She used to ask for the Simpsons each morning but they have obviously taken a second row seat to her beloved Munsch and Dr. Seuss books. Oh, yeah, she also loves to read a book called Peekaboo that has marvelous illustrations and corresponding descriptions. Somewhere in the middle of her preference is the book with a mouse attached to it that you can tuck into various pockets, cupboards and so forth within the book and something must have happened to the God Loves Baby book which has a baby attached by a string that you can tuck into various appropriate places for babies (good for her digital dexterity but a bit shy on storyline) -- personally I'd like to take out the god part but I won't begrudge my daughters a religious upbringing, I don't have any strong beliefs about it being hazardous.

Remarkably, Abigail hasn't gained much weight. Granted the means of measuring her haven't been the most accurate but she currently appears to be 9.6 kg (nearly off the scale of the baby weighing device at our doctor's (10kg is as high as it goes). My most recent record in early July (July 11th) indicates that she was 9.3 kg back then. So where has all of the food she has been eating gone? Well, she does crawl around like Tarzan swinging through the jungle so I guess she burns off all of those pepperoni, rice, veggie, bread, and egg calories just as fast as she downs them. She has four teeth -- the incisors if I have the term right -- the four front-most teeth in the mouth in other words. Quite a gap has developed between her top teeth making me hope that she hasn't gotten the same teeth as her aunt I-ting in the Philippines.

Gabi is apparently 15.5 kg and 90 cm (first time I actually let that automatic height arm measure her without slapping it back). Gabi has begun eating again, which has eased some of my fears and has apparently gained 1.2 kg despite a diet of almost exclusively: cheddar, milk, and broccoli, for her whole time in Canada. Gabi's vocabulary is regularly shocking me but she still doesn't come out with many sentences she uses utterances like; bath, book, stop it, come on, hands (for wash my hands) . . . and probably heaps of things I'm forgetting now. But sadly with the absence of her uncle mama and nana and grandpa she is feeling neglected and extremely jealous so she appears to be reverting quite a bit to behaviour that her sister exhibits in hopes of getting attention, so I'm sure she could use more language but she doesn't want to appear too grown up -- since the grown up one isn't getting enough attention.

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