Friday, September 12, 2008

baby Update: Abigail is following in the steps of her sister -- becoming a blur!


The top news is that Abi is walking! So far only a few tentative steps before she drops to a crawling position. Yesterday, she would only take 1 or 2 steps but today she is taking maybe 5 or 6 steps before she drops and crawls.

This will of course usher in the new era of the blurry Abigail. At least in the past I could be pretty much assured as to where her head would be but now her mobility will make it near impossible to take a good picture of her.

Rosie finally took her last pills (migraine medicine) yesterday and has begun breast feeding Abi again as of this afternoon. I figure it will be a couple of more days before they both catch up on their sleep and stop being the combative surly monsters that they have become. And this is why I chose to stay home today instead of going to the final Tri-Nations game between Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps in the past I would have used the currently somewhat inhospitable environment to shirk my responsibilities as a husband and father so I could enjoy the game in Seoul but I think the health of my family will improve if I put it first for the next year or two, . . . or twenty.

I'm hoping that my friends will understand that I am no longer the kind of guy who can go out on a regular basis. Hell, I might not even be able to go to Seoul until 2009 or later. I recall that my good friend Kevin exhibited similar seemingly anti-social behaviour when he became a dad -- I found his behaviour to be a bit of a mystery but I tried my best to be understanding.

In the end I never really came to understand Kevin's situation until I myself became a dad. A good parent's life must really go on hold for a decade or two -- there really is not much that can be done about it. Sure, as a dad you can muster a great deal of freedom but to my mind many dads who take too much freedom become strangers to their kids -- not going to happen to me.

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