Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby update: Abi walks and Gabi says ice, ice baby

Ordered some books from (English bookstore in Seoul) as Gabi seems to be getting pretty bored with what we have on stock and I managed to read the first one and a half chapters of Copyright's Paradox before Google book's limited preview gave out . . .

Note to publishers and authors: If I find a book that I think I might like to own I search for them in Google Book Search. If there is no preview available I look for another book, if there is a limited preview available I read what is available and then I buy the book!

So, the big news, which is both good and bad. Abigail is now walking! This means she can get to pretty much everything in the house since our apartment is designed on the old traditional Korean style of living on the floor (instead of tables and chairs).

In the following video Abigail doesn't appear to be walking successfully but just one minute after I turned off the camera she was walking loop-de-loops around the apartment.

Gabi is learning new words all of the time. She just started saying 'ice' which is the favoured snack for both of our daughters in the extended heat of this Korean summer.

She's also saying things like 'Apu' the name of one of her favourite characters in the Simpsons and Abigail and Gabi both have begun somewhat randomly saying 'Anna!' which is their favourite character from Robert Munsch's book Up, Up, Down.

Just today, as I began writing this post Rosie managed to capture Abigail's agile walk about the apartment. We'll put that video up as soon as I find the time to upload it and post it here.

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