Saturday, September 27, 2008

Abigail's birthday pics

abi mama bday 12months
Here are the rest of her birthday pictures and I'll have some videos up online pretty soon but they take a little longer for the upload. Abigail is a bit tired in most of these photos and videos because the party didn't really get into full swing until about an hour after her usual bedtime (8:30pm). We had a very nice time!

By the way, only one of my colleagues showed up, the others put some money into an envelope for me. I think it could be that I didn't give them enough notice about the party, but I'm thinking that the real reason they didn't show up was about being shy and scared about the idea of going to such a wide open social occasion as a Canadian style first birthday party. A normal Korean first birthday party involves a very structured occasion at a restaurant with many more adults than children in attendance. Essentially the Canadian style is more focused on the child having a nice time while  the Korean style is more focused on obeying social mores that allow Koreans (adults) to be comfortable enough to attend.

It's a day later now and I think we all feel like we've recovered from the party. We are enjoying cooler weather today too. It was only 8 degrees when I awoke this morning and the high didn't get much above 16 degrees -- Finally! It's been so bloody hot in the afternoons I was wondering if we'd skip the fall altogether.

Gabi is doing a bit better these days. Yesterday she ate quite a bit of rice and noodles and today she ate a bit. Abigail is still eating quite freely and everybody is surprised at how big she is for her age.

I started Saturday morning classes today. Teaching for 2 hours starting at 7am seems a bit strange but it fits into our family routine quite well with the added benefit of a bit of extra cash for those expensive kids. I'm also teaching at 7am twice a week for the same reasons. This hasn't changed my schedule much as I normally wake at about 5am so I can get some things done while everybody else is sleeping. Before I was a dad I really would have blanched at the idea of waking up so early but now it seems to be the most reasonable thing to do.

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