Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Returning to Korea nearly turned into a disaster!

I'm so sad to leave grandma and grandpa in Canada!

I want to thank them both for their generosity as parents, grandparents and hosts. We had a lovely time.

I know that Abi and Gabi will miss them very, very much.

And uncle will be terribly missed by Gabi as well . . . If you guys are reading this you can expect a call via Skype in short order with another serious dose of Gabi's baby talk

We have about 15 minutes left to board . . .

We just escaped from a horrible emergency situation . . .

I had the tickets packed seperately from the passports (I've never done this before). And I left the passports and cash on the airplane in the seat pocket! I didn't notice until we'd nearly finished our coffee near the gate of arrival to Vancouver and then I noticed that our plane had already been towed away!!!!!!

Luckily we found a very kindly customer service person who made a few calls and we recovered our passports, Alien Cards for Korea and the cash! We had about 20 minutes of waiting at the hinges of hell, though.

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