Saturday, August 16, 2008

Abigail's got 4 teeth! -- update.

Well, it's been a very long time since I made any updates . . . I've been very busy. I had plenty of people to visit in Canada and there was plenty of resting required after our 10 hour flight from Seoul, not to mention at various points as the kids adjusted to the new time zone, new surroundings and the new 'big people'. We had a great time in the mountains too, but we required a huge recovery period for that!


Gabi is just popping off words left and right now:

jerky (beef jerky)
wait a minute
stop it!
mom, you see?
Where's puppy?

This morning she was asking for Zoe. Where's Zoe? Zoe? Zoe!

Of course she's been saying the odd thing about uncle Michael from time to time and she laughs and starts animated monologues in her own language when she sees pics of grandma, grandpa, uncle Michael, Zoe and some of the other folks we've seen while we were in Edmonton.

Abigail is blossoming as well . . . She points when she wants to go somewhere or wants something . . . Like a coke or some ice cream.

She spreads her arms wide when she wants to be picked up and she seems to spread her arms and point at the same time when she wants to walk somewhere (she needs a lot of help with walking, but this can be painful on the thumbs as she has an iron grip!).

Uncle Michael will be happy to know that we got some child car seats today, a minimal amount of cursing and shouting from me and a mere 1.5 hour installation time was required. The kids settled in alright and we made the trip back from Costco in them in reasonable comfort.

I almost forgot! At Costco, something happened that would only happen in Korea. We sat down at the Costco concession to eat some pizza and as often happens we had to hold Abigail as Gabi was snoozing in the stroller. I went to take a giant bite from my pizza so I could hold her and give Rosie a chance to enjoy her pizza also and a Korean woman walks up to us and invites Abigail to sit in her arms. Abigail was reluctant but I was relieved that we could both eat while this stranger held our baby! Anyway, it worked out fine. Strangers always want to hold my babies.

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