Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Daecheon Beach -- Boryeong Mud festival

We just came back from a couple of days at the beach. The kids obviously inherited their skin mostly from Rosi as I'm red all over from sunburn but the kids are just fine. I guess it doesn't hurt that Rosi gave them each a good measure of sunblock while I just put the usual smattering on my shoulders and on the part of my back that was easy to reach . . .

The beach was wonderful. There were almost no people there so we had a great time without the crowds that are usually inevitable in Korea. The hotel was 40,000 Won a night (40 bucks) and, get this, the umbrella to protect us from the sun on the beach was 20,000 Won! Granted they gave us a wooden platform which was plenty big enough for the whole family and an umbrella that kept the whole thing in shade quite nicely. It just seemed ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a nearly empty beach! But we didn't have our own umbrella so it was the convenient thing to do. And as the sun moved the workmen came to move the umbrella appropriately so that the wooden platform was cool all day.

Abi on the beach platform (20,000 Won)

I'd forgotten to bring my cellphone and Rosi's had a low battery so we didn't know the time. It turned out that what seemed like just a few hours became FIVE! That is why I still look like a lobster. The water was incredibly cold and we had a lovely time. My dreams of going for a swim yesterday morning before we headed back to Cheonan were dashed however because my legs and back were far too sensitive. Even Rosi felt some burn, I don't think she used the sunblock on herself so we are lucky that we covered the kids so well and of course they spent more time under shade taking naps and whatnot.

Gabi takes a Korean couples' paddle

The price, incidentally, for just a beach chair with a smaller umbrella was 5000 Won. There were two just in front of our platform that remained vacant for most of the day. At this very moment I'm uploading pictures to go with this post but I'll post it first without the pics as there are small children playing around this laptop!

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