Saturday, June 07, 2008

Coffee and Internet at Starbucks -- Our Wishlist

The fights seem to be increasing in frequency between me and my wife. I can't figure out the reason just like I couldn't sort out the whys and hows of the peace we were having. At any rate, I feel guilty that I'm not playing with our beautiful daughters today but it seems like the peace that they are experiencing in my absence is better than spending a lazy afternoon with dad when mom and dad are fighting like buccaneers.

The sun is too hot to spend much time out of doors in the early afternoon anyway. Last night wasn't much fun either. I felt much more relaxed when I wasn't fighting, the only way to accomplish this was to have a closed door between us and Gabi doesn't like closed doors very much -- so it was a tad stressful.

Perhaps this is a good time to introduce our wishlist.

It isn't a request for people to buy stuff for us, it's really just a list of stuff we want. Helpful in organizing stuff. I am sadly in need of organization and so it is most welcome when somebody, Google in this case, comes along with something that really helps me keep organized -- namely google notebook.

There are numerous things i want to do and eat in Canada. So many things in fact that I'm not sure I can remember everything in its proper turn.

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