Monday, June 23, 2008

AbiGabi update

It's been a while as we have no appointments for shots until September so we haven't weighed them or measured their heights in a while.

Abigail is now at the point of struggling to her feet with the aid of a chair, couch or whatever is at hand. She still isn't much of a crawler (just like her sister), but instead she's really Gung Ho to get straight into walking. Sometimes she'll be pretty unhappy in general until you put her on her feet and help her to walk around the house -- then she's happier than a clam.

Gabi is growing more bold everyday. She has no fear of strangers it would seem. If somebody balks her she'll walk straight up to them and swing high with her open hand "No", she says or "Undae" (Korean for "don't").

Last night she was playing with her toothbrush . . . She was rubbing it on Rosi's belly. Rosi said "Owwchh". So Gabi stopped. Then she came up behind me as I was searching for something on the laptop and started rubbing my back in like fashion with the toothbrush. I made no response, in fact I really didn't notice it being uncomfortable. After rubbing my back for quite a while with her old toothbrush she said, "He didn't say ouch!", in an incredulous voice. She's 26 months (nearly 27) and she can pretty much say anything she feels like saying.

By the way, I'm going to Canada in Mid July for about a month! I'm really looking forward to it!

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