Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Warm, rainy evening at Starbucks

More about Starbucks in the fourth paragraph . . .

My wife has chased me away with her insistence that I still love my ex-wife. It is totally irrational -- of course what do you expect from a woman? But it is also incredibly destructive to our marriage that she insists on continuously fighting with me about a diary entry that I posted to this website FOUR YEARS AGO!!!!

Filipino emotional calculus seems to lack the complexity of its Canadian counterpart and so a teary entry that I made so long ago must necessarily mean to my wife that I'm still deeply in love with the life I that I mourned and buried with that post. I was simply writing one among hundreds (well at least a dozen -- all hyperbole aside) of broken hearted journal entries. I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad one that she hasn't had the opportunity to read those other broken-hearted journals.

Anyway, to her aid I must disclose the event of her discovery of a long forgotten scan of said journal entry hiding amongst my flickr photos. But against her it should also be mentioned that she must have had to do some serious digging to find it as I haven't seen that scanned file in about 4 years!

Back to the present and the act of being present, I'm actually having quite a lovely time sitting and drinking a triple grande cafe latte on the Starbucks patio diagonally across from the the Outback steakhouse just down the street from Yawoori and Galleria.

The strongest wireless signal I get comes from Starbucks but they want big bucks for their access:
KRW 3,300 (CAD$3.30 ) per hour or KRW11,000 for 24 hours.

Well they don't want a lot by Canadian standards but I could easily pay about KRW 1,000 per hour at a PC bang (Internet Cafe) nearby. Granted the cheaper establishment has coffee that is absolute shit and the ambience would no doubt be grimly distorted by the sounds of gamers and the like but one charges premium prices at ones peril!

At any rate, for the moment I'm using some other wireless connection which doesn't have a price tag. No doubt I might need to fear the law if I were in Canada as I hear in those parts it is illegal to 'steal' wireless access even if it is unsecured and free for the taking, but the Law in Korea seems . . . comatose . . . and not so much of a worry.

My colleagues at the high school tell me that it is now officially illegal to beat their students and yet nary an hour passes in the absence of the 'whack' of a stick or open hand, with the accompanying howl/grunt of a student.

It is also apparently illegal to transport a child without a child seat and yet I was stopped by a police officer, for another transgression, and not a word passed about the lack of safety harness nor equipment.

Everyday, I see SUVs trolling by at 50-80 km/h with joyful children standing, head poking out the sun-roof, screaming with pleasure -- at least I think they were screaming as I can't hear much at those speeds. As mentioned in a past post, it is strongly advisable, should you wish to stop at a red light to put on your four-way flashers first, lest you find your rear bumper severly crumpled and yourself pushed into an intersection soon to be filled with screeching, oncoming cars and trucks flooring their engines to get as quickly as possible to the next traffic accident.

The Korean disregard for the law is quite contagious really.

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