Saturday, May 03, 2008

Update on the crying ones

We went to a company BBQ the other day and had a lovely time. We arrived a bit late however as Gabi had decided to toss her shoes out the window! Luckily we were traveling on a country road that wasn't beside a river or a rice field. The second shoe was pretty easy to find as Rosi caught a glimpse of it as Gabi was tossing it. The first shoe however was a bit more difficult to find. I actually had to back track about 2 km before I could find it, lying in the middle of a narrow country road.

I was pretty angry about it as Gabi is increasingly showing a blatant disregard for authority. But here is how I think the deal went down. Right about the point were she had dropped the first shoe out the window I remember catching a glance of her face and seeing her cover her face in gesture that I could only call dismay but I wasn't aware of the shoe incident until later so I didn't know why she was in dismay. Later, when she had a chance to get over the dismay I think she decided to recreate the thrill she got from dropping the first shoe.

Lately she's been saying "tastes good" when asked how something tastes. She had her first quail egg today and she seemed to enjoy it. Also, she seems to be off her rice but she's been eating bean sprout soup with some vigor (mostly just the liquid and chewing the bean off of the sprout).

I think her favourite movie is the Blue Brothers. She gets a kick out of the James Brown, who incidently was born on this day in 1933 (from the Britannica), scene in the church and of course the songs, she loves all the songs.

Today Abigail was ambulating in her walker and trying to play with the trash can lid. Gabi pulled at her, wagged her finger and said, "No! Dirty!".

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