Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tomorrow is Buddha's Birthday in Korea

If I didn't have a couple of kids I'd think about going on this 8 hour tour of Buddhist temples in Seoul.

We will be going to Seoul tomorrow but I think we'll be plenty tired after a single temple visit.

"Buddha's Birthday Temple Tour - Monday 12 May

Tour the Color and Pageantry of Seou's Temple on Buddha's Birthday with Prof. David Mason

This afternoon and evening will be especially memorable, for how many of you can say that you were part of Buddha's Birthday celebration? As well as helping to commemorate this special day, you will witness all the color, excitement and pageantry which the Koreans lavish on the celebration of the birth of Buddha. The lanterns, costumes, and celebratory dances are colorful and joyful. Our advice to you is to pack plenty of film.

In celebration of Buddha's birthday we will be visiting some different temples and several shrines in Seoul. The first stop will be Gaeun Temple and Chilsong-am (hermitage) to see its white Buddha, a fifteen-foot tall relief carved in rock. We will spend approximately one hour here. From this temple we will continue on to Bomun-sa Temple, headquarters of the Bomun Order, the only order of female monks in the world.

After a picnic dinner at the Garden of Seoul Foreign School, we will proceed to our last stop, Bongwon-sa (Temple), to observe the monks there perform several traditional ritual dances. With their slow rhythm and movement, these unique dances differ from other celebratory dances. We will be arriving at Pongwon-sa . . ."

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