Friday, May 02, 2008

Today in history; an uprising in the Philippines, the Louisiana Purchase and the end of da Vinci's life.

Sakdal Uprising
Filipino history also called Sakdalista Uprising,

brief peasant rebellion in the agricultural area of central Luzon, Philippines, on the night of May 2–3, 1935. Though quickly crushed, the revolt of the Sakdals (or Sakdalistas) warned of Filipino peasant frustration with the oppressive land tenancy situation.

View full article on Sakdal Uprising in Britannica -- free, no muss.

Louisiana Purchase
United States history

In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States.[Credits : Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.]western half of the Mississippi River basin purchased in 1803 from France by the United States; at less than three cents per acre for 828,000 square miles (2,144,520 square km), it was the greatest land bargain in U.S. history. The purchase doubled the size of the United States, greatly strengthened the country materially and strategically, provided a powerful impetus to westward expansion, and confirmed the doctrine of implied powers of the federal Constitution.

Leonardo da Vinci
Italian artist, engineer, and scientist

born April 15, 1452, Anchiano, near Vinci, Republic of Florence [now in Italy] died May 2, 1519, Cloux [now Clos-Lucé], France

Self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, chalk drawing, 1512; in the Palazzo Reale, Turin, Italy.[Credits : Alinari/Art Resource, New York]Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, and engineer whose genius, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. His Last Supper (1495–98) and Mona Lisa (c. 1503–06) are among the most widely popular and influential paintings of the Renaissance. His notebooks reveal a spirit of scientific inquiry and a mechanical inventiveness that were centuries ahead of their time.

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