Saturday, May 24, 2008

Online Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and now Databases

Google Documents has become a treasure for me as it let's me keep all of my spreadsheets and documents in one place -- attached to my Google account online. No matter where I am I can always find the latest version of each of my many documents for keeping track of my investments, notes on the twenty-odd classes I teach each week and even a list of the movies that I've saved to DVD for a second and potentially third viewing.

I tend to move around amongst quite a few computers over the week so this feature of my online documents is very important considering how many documents I need to access throughout the week.

Now Lazybase has finally made an online database (Access in Microlese, Base in Open Office Lingo ) available and I'm itching to try it out. Considering that it is free and it's online I cannot see any half-way decent reason not to try it out. Perhaps I'll start out with a address list? Email addresses, of course.

I used to worry about not having an up to date Microsoft Office installation, but I've barely thought about Office in years. First, about a year ago, OpenOffice more than fit my needs, in fact their portable version was much more convenient than the Korean installations of Microsoft Office I had to deal with and now Google has even bettered the OpenOffice experience. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Google provides some form of free database online as well -- meanwhile there is Lazybase to whet our appetites.

"Lazybase allows anyone to design, create and share a database of whatever they like.
For example...

* A membership directory for your club
* A list of movies in a shared collection
* Restaurants that you need to try
* Recommendations for a book club
* Articles for a research project


* No logins. A secret URL gives editing access to the database
* Create new types of items, or use the samples provided by Lazybase
* View lists in many ways, on maps or on graphs
* Link types together (for example have orders linked to customers)
* Easily add a view into your Lazybase database to your own website
* Bookmarklet generation, RSS feeds, and more"

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