Sunday, May 04, 2008

Off to Seoul again -- Web 2.0 -- A Cautionary Tale

I'm a victim of the Web 2.0. With Gmail's capacity of 6GB going on 7, there is no need to delete your messages except for the possible event of a snooping spouse! And the permanent nature of an online diary will ruin you if you let your anonymity slip.

My wife has decided that the long weekend is a perfect time to fight about my exwife AGAIN!
Monday is Children's day in Korea a national holiday. I think our fight may be a cultural thing as Filipinos cannot divorce but it is probably my own damn fault because I was too candid on this blog. Yes thats right we are fighting because of a post I made on this blog more than 4 years ago!!! If I could only communicate with my former self and convince him to be more pithy instead of poetic we probably wouldnt be having this fight. Because, you see the broken hearted of the Phillipines never heal. While Canadians with broken hearts always find a better love.

Combine that stupid post that I put up on this blog in a fit of depression more than 4 years ago with a 2 to 3 year old email to my ex-wife that I don't even remember writing (get this, my wife deleted it, so I can't even find the evidence she so frequently uses) and you have all the amunition that my wife is using for our present day fights.

So Im off to Seoul to let my wife cool down and hang out with the Panda -- as soon as Gabi finishes playing in the sandbox. Sorry Gabi and Abi no Children's day this year. Blame the Web 2.0.

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