Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lately I've been reading and listening to some of Terry Pratchett's writings on a world of his creation called: The Discworld.

It's a wonky, flat, magical world that rests on the backs of four giant elephants that stand upon the back of a substantially larger giant turtle.

His writing is rich with detail and his stories are very intricate.

If you've noticed an improvement in my own writing it's probably due to the fact that I'm now reading again more regularly. A few weeks ago I was reading Slaughterhouse Five, which I'm not quite finished yet, even though I feel a bit lost in that story I will soon return to it because I'm sure that it is Vonnegut's intention to frequently lose his audience long enough to give them a nice break from his ugly writing so that they will read more enjoyable prose but then return to him for his convoluted story.

At any rate, I know that my own writing is strongly influenced by the author that I am presently reading. That is, no doubt, why I did so well in my philosophy essays despite being an abysmal failure at writing in junior and senior high -- my style of writing always benefited from my favourite author at the time and my chosen favourites were so very much better once I reached university.

Terry's most recent book appears to be Making Money but don't be put off by the title I'm sure it is NOT a self-help book:

If the Flash object above doesn't work, as I suspect it won't here is the link to Terry Pratchett's official website.

Speaking of current events as I have in a fashion above I recall that a good friend of mine asked me to compare to -- in light of my recently granted free blogger access. One important thing to note is does not keep up with current events so well, natural I suppose considering that they just cannot keep up with the shear number of editors that Wikipedia has.

A Terry Pratchett article is absent from Britannica . . . As far as I'm concerned that is a big black mark against them. Stay tuned for a more detailed comparison at a later date.

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