Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gabi's and Abi's update -- potty training & crawling

I was a bit premature with that post a few days ago saying that Gabi was potty trained. She did manage to go #1 with a minimal amount of encouragement but she continued using her diaper for #2, you know kaka, bowel movements (henceforth known as BM).

But today she was twitching and sitting down on the potty and then getting up and twitching some more and then she brought me a diaper and when I demured she went back to twitching and sitting and standing next to the potty. So, I figured that the whole sitting on the potty wasn't working for her. I held her by the shoulders and allowed her to crouch over the potty and BINGO! Quite a large BM indeed! But she wasn't too happy about it, so I tried to give her plenty of praise. We'll see how the next BM goes!

Anyway, today we went to the market market as Rosi calls it (I would call it the street market but I like Rosi's expression) and Gabi mostly rode in the backseat of her tricycle as you can see in the post immediately previous to this one. We bought some dried fruit and broccoli for a decent price and will probably go back again when Rosi finishes her Korean lessons which she is taking along with a bunch of Philipino wives of Korean men.

I took the picture (previous post) with my seldom used camera phone and sent the entire post from my cell, that's why you won't find that pic in flickr. The thing about the camera phone is that the lens is in the perfect spot to collect both lint and fingerprints and so I need to clean the darn thing everytime I want to take a pic. Then Gabi got quite sleepy and it was much better to have her in the back seat as I pulled her trike along rather than the other Barbie trike I'd bought before which needed to be carried in one hand while Gabi was making the other arm go numb.

Also, as for Abigail, she is growing quite quickly. She loves to stand with support and she is beginning to crawl with some degree of success. She'll eat just about anything that will fit into her hand and a good deal of things that she can fit her lips around. She's always smiling just like Gabi and now she is tending to get the most attention when we go out in place of her older sister.

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