Thursday, May 01, 2008

E2 Visa Regulations for Foreign English teachers

Welcome to Immigration Bureau: "□

In addition, those with the E-2 visa issued after Dec 15 2007 no longer need to submit the criminal record certificate to reissue the same type of visa while staying in Korea.

The Ministry of Justice also decided to remove cannabinoid test from the medical record certificate, which is to test drug taking of Marijuana."
Perhaps this is old news for most of you but it's always nice to hear a government back down from doing a cannabis test! No doubt they were forced into this by pressure from Korean Universities that presently employ a lot of Gangja heads from Canada.

Also, it looks like I may not need to get my criminal record check done in Canada after all.

Let's face it, that regulation is silly. I've been living in Korea for 4 and a half years now. How is a criminal record check in Canada going to give any pertinent information about me? It would only be useful if I fled Canada almost immediately after committing a serious crime. One can easily (?) apply for a pardon within 5 years of being convicted so the criminal record check is only informative for a 5 year period.

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