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Diet of Worms -- This day in History -- May 26th

Passed this day in 1521, the Edict of Worms banned the writings of Martin Luther— a German cleric whose efforts to change the church led to the Reformation— and declared him an outlaw and a heretic who was to be captured.

Edict of Worms
Germany [1521]

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Assorted References

* effect on Luther ( in Martin Luther )

...that stood the charge that Luther, a single individual, presumed to challenge 1,500 years of Christian theological consensus. On April 26 Luther hurriedly left Worms, and on May 8 Charles drew up an edict against him. Charles undertook one more unsuccessful effort to obtain the support of the estates, which continued to fear that Luther’s condemnation would incite rebellion among the commoners....
in Martin Luther: Controversies )

Attempts to carry out the Edict of Worms were largely unsuccessful. Although Roman Catholic rulers sought determinedly to suppress Luther and his followers, within two years it had become obvious that the movement for reform was too strong. By March 1522, when Luther returned to Wittenberg, the effort to put reform into practice had generated riots and popular protests that threatened to...
* promulgation by Diet of Worms ( in Diet of Worms )

...months in hiding in the Wartburg, near Eisenach. When it came to the question of what to do with Luther, the Diet remained divided. In May, after most of the rulers had left, a rump Diet passed the Edict of Worms, which declared Luther an outlaw who should be captured and turned over to the emperor and whose writings were forbidden. The edict, never enforced, nevertheless inhibited Luther’s...

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