Monday, May 19, 2008

Charlize and the hospital trip

It's quite amazing to me to see that Gabi (Charlize) is still feeling the impact of our hospital trip last Saturday. She knows my friend that's in a coma and she knows his children and wife. I never suspected that at her age (25.5 months) she would associate that sleeping comatose fellow breathing only by the assistance of the respirator, with the tall lanky guy she knew from chance encounters of mutual wanderings about our apartment building.

And yet, I cannot believe otherwise. Since we returned home from the hospital she refuses to go to sleep unless I'm present and she puts her arms around me and falls asleep slowly. If I try to leave the bed before she's soundly asleep she wakes up, cries and comes to get me.

The whole time we were in my friend's hospital room she did nothing but cry unless I held her with her head on my shoulder. So,for a time I read to my friend with a book in one hand and Gabi cradled in the other.

She has started, once again, with her crying whenever I leave the house (if she is awake). She was doing this before the hospital, but with much less frequency.

Make no mistake. What they lack in mental capacity they make up for in intuition and instinct.

Especially at night-time, Gabi used to always remind me that I was a traveling father when she was young, because she didn't want to have much to do with me. If she was crying I would try to comfort her but she would always push me away and seek out her mother. This clearly comes from the fact that I was absent from the home for 4 months at a time from her birth until she was about one and a half. Perhaps she now trusts her dad enough to expect him to stick around?

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