Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Breastfeeding Makes Kids Brainy -- McGill U. Stuyd

"The effect of breastfeeding on brain development and intelligence has long been a popular and hotly debated topic," says Dr. Kramer. "While most studies have been based on association, however, we can now make a causal inference between breastfeeding and intelligence -- because of the randomized design of our study."

Despite the fact that this news release doesn't go into enough detail you still might find something of interest if you follow the link below.

I still find it incredibly shocking that so many countries, especially poor countries like the Philippines, have widespread formula-fed brats. In fact our daughters were very nearly exclusively formula fed because Rosi had initially figured she just wasn't a good producer -- I had to strongly encourage her to be patient and let the milk production process begin. And it is because of her influence upon her sister that my newest nephew is breast-fed.

I guess NESTLE just has too much of a reach in a poor country with an even more poorly educated populace. Shame on Nestle.

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