Friday, May 09, 2008

baby update

Gabi is 14.3 kg and 90cm.

Abi is 8.8 kg but the local doctor we went to yesterday didn't have a way to measure her length.

Neither of them seemed to want to eat anything today. I really can't figure it out. Especially Gabi seems to have whole days were she really doesn't eat much at all. I figure it may be that she is having too much milk. At 25 months it seems to me that she should be getting 90 percent or more of her diet from foods and 10 percent or less from milk but she seems to be going to the bottle for comfort and barely looks at food twice. She'll even suck on an empty bottle rather than eat food.

Months ago I tried to water down her milk in an effort to get her to eat more food . . . Alas, I'm not here for most of her feedings . . .

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