Tuesday, May 13, 2008

About my Britannica posts -- Back at work

I just finished off a 5 day long weekend! It was nice!

But it's so very hard to get back to work again and I can't see any national holidays in the near future. Guess it's back to working for a living.

I've been trying to keep up with a Britannica.com post each day but the freaking telecommunications company that supplies my school with internet has placed a block on the Britannica website.

They don't block phun.com which is basically just a place to see women in thong panties:


3rd Place:
4108 votes

But they do block Britannica.com.

Granted, they do also block pussy.com which is probably just about kitty cats. I'll let you know when I get on the net at home.

Anyway, this is just to say that I've been on holiday and I will get back onto posting Britannica articles as soon as I get some time on the net at home. I've also been a touch sick with some swollen lymph nodes under my jaw.

Luckily I don't seem to have any of the serious symptoms to look out for, according to the mayoclinic.com website:
  • Runny nose, sore throat, fever and other indications of an upper respiratory infection
  • General swelling of lymph nodes throughout your body, indicative of infections such as HIV or mononucleosis, an infection of the glands, or immune disorders, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Red, inflamed skin over the swollen lymph node
  • Swollen limb, possibly indicating lymph system blockage caused by swelling in a lymph node too far under your skin to feel
  • Hardened, fixed, rapidly growing nodes, possibly indicating a tumor (rare)

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