Friday, April 11, 2008

Panel may rule if sex practices protected | Oddly Enough | Reuters

Panel may rule . . . :

"How can the tribunal determine if BDSM falls within the meaning of 'sexual orientation' if it does not have a full understanding of what BDSM means?' Justice Anne Rowles wrote for the three-judge panel.

(Reporting Allan Dowd, Editing by Rob Wilson)"

Looks like the judge wants to explore her sexuality?

Wow, things are really getting crazy in Canada these days. The man just wanted to get a chauffeur's job and he was disallowed because he practises bondage (BDSM). The question I have is, how did the police know that this guy was into BDSM? Did he stand up and tell them, by the way I'm a sexual minority I'm into BDSM?

I hope the B.C. courts give this some serious thought. Obviously we don't have the kind of information required here but all I can say is that if he has some arrests because of his sexual habits I hope the courts will not treat him any different from Catholic (just as an example) that breaks the law.

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