Monday, April 21, 2008

Off to City Hall station Seoul at 200km an hour

Correction: That should read 300 km/h not 200!

Im gonna buy tickets for Canada and include them in Rosi's Visa application. Since Im feeling pretty unappreciated at home I splurged for 1st class. Pretty comfy. Like the bus limos to the airport with 3 seats instead of 4 in each aisle.
Flights via Air Canada will cost around $3800 a good deal better than the price qouted by Marcopolo travel~~$5000!!!!! There is a $111 charge for Abi even though she gets no seat. I hope I can make it home to take Gabi for some playtime in the sun but Im worried the Embassy wont accept my application until tomorrow morning. If so I may just stop to tarry with the Panda and hope that Rosi will find time to take the kids out.

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